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Five promising startups from Seoul, South Korea pitched their hearts out on the second ever TWiST Seoul Meetup. But who emerged victorious–and scored a trip to the LAUNCH Conference in San Francisco? Watch and find out!0:00-3:00 Welcome everyone, to the second TWiST Seoul Meetup!
3:00-4:45 We’re so thrilled to be back with Seoul because they had great entrepreneurs last time.
4:45-8:45 Thank you to SurveyMonkey for sponsoring the show. Congrats on the billion dollar valuation!
8:45-9:45 Jason, it’s great to hear from you and see everyone in Seoul! How is everyone there?
9:45-10:00 Where are you guys coming from us today?
10:00-10:45 Thank you to KCC (http://eng.kcc.go.kr/) and KISA (http://www.kisa.or.kr/eng/main.jsp) for supporting the entrepreneurs in Seoul.
10:45-12:30 First up we have the founder of Shakr Media, David Lee. David, let’s hear about Shakr Media (http://sha.kr).
12:30-15:30 Taking a closer look at what Shakr does: http://vimeo.com/33786073
15:30-17:30 I would give your pitch a solid 7.5 or 8 but it would have been higher if you’d given us an example that we could get behind.
17:30-18:45 Tyler rates the presentation at an 8. But what about the business?
18:45-19:45 What’s the business model?
19:45-20:30 Does the computer read the article and provide a voice over?
20:30-23:15 I don’t think this is a business yet because I don’t think cable providers will buy this right now. I think the model is go to content creators and charge them for this tool?
23:15-23:45 Let’s hear it for David Lee!
23:45-24:30 Next up, Andrew Park pitches PixelAmmo (http://pixelammo.com)
25:15-25:45 Tyler: How well did you do with your previous game?
25:45-27:00 Watching the video for PixelAmmo’s game Keri Racing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L07SXGJmaso
27:00-27:30 Tyler, what did you think of the pitch?
27:30-29:00 Tyler gives the pitch a 7. What about the business side?
29:00-29:30 Tyler gives the business an 8.5.
29:30-31:00 Jason redoes the pitch, the way he would have given it.
31:00-34:00 Andrew, was that helpful? Any feedback for us?
34:00-34:45 Next up is Min Ku Lee pitching Waffle. Watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK0riu7qZLg
35:30-37:00 Thank you to MailChimp for sponsoring the program. To get our mailing list, which MailChimp makes possible, go to thisweekin.com/email to sign up.
37:30-39:30 I smacked my head when I heard this, because it’s a great idea. Why didn’t someone else think of that?
39:30-39:45 Jason gives the presentation an 8 and the business a 9.
39:45-40:45 Tyler: What is the price for this?
40:45-42:00 Tyler: I thought the pitch was a little confusing.
42:00-43:00 Jason and Tyler retool the pitch.
43:00-43:45 Tyler gives the business a 9.
43:45-44:15 We have time for one more pitch and I’m going to leave this one up to Jason.
44:15-45:30 Next pitch: Jongin Cha pitches Remocon (http://remote.cottoni.kr/html/about.html).
45:30-46:15 So you put an infared device on your smartphone to make it a remote control?
46:15-46:45 What type of information will I get on my phone?
46:45-48:15 This is starting to happen in the US. Yahoo has an application like this, so why would I use instead of theirs?
48:15-50:30 Tyler, what did you think of the pitch and the business idea?
50:30-51:30 Jason gives the pitch a 6.5 and the business a 7.
51:30-52:30 Jason: I’d like to see a slider or dial that I can adjust in real time while I’m watching the program.
52:30-53:15 Tyler gives the pitch a 6.5 and the business an 8.
53:15-54:00 Last pitch: Jaeuk Park pitches Between.us (http://appbetween.us)
54:00-56:30 Jason: This pitch was bad but the idea is great.
56:30-58:30 Jason predicts that women are going to love this.
58:30-1:00:30 Tyler, what do you think about this?
1:00:30-1:01:15 Jason gives the pitch a 7 and the business a 10.
1:01:15-1:03:00 Jaeuk, do you have any feedback or questions for us?
1:03:00-1:05:00 Jason and Tyler vote.
1:05:00-1:07:30 Jason and Tyler both chose Between.us as the winner and Waffle as the runner up. Both of them will receive a table and five tickets to the LAUNCH Conference.
1:07:30-1:10:30 Thank you to Jason for a fantastic event. Thank you to the crew for getting everything just right. And thank you to SurveyMonkey and MailChimp for helping make meetups like these possible.
1:30:00-1:11:30 Tyler: People think starting a social network is over, but it’s not at all.
1:30:00-1:12:00 It ain’t over til it’s over. Keep innovating, keep dreaming. Until next time.

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