Twist Top 10 Questions – Special Episode

The “This Week in Startups” staff created a special “Top 10 Twist Questions” episode. We scoured the archive and pulled out some of the best material from our 340+ episodes. In this special episode you’ll find out —

  1. Gina Bianchini answers: “Do you think there’s bias against women in Silicon Valley?”
  2. Jason Goldberg answers: “When did you know this was the company you want to do for the rest of your life?”
  3. Sarah Lacy answers: “You threw in there that I [Jason Calacanis] don’t play to my strengths….really?”
  4. Howard Lindzon answers: “How does knowing the stock market make me a better entrepreneur?”
  5. Naval Ravikant answers: “What’s your advice for submitting your project on AngelList?”
  6. Eric Ries answers “How do you know when to pivot or persevere?”
  7. Kevin Rose answers “What’s your advice to young people starting today? What makes people succeed in the space today?”
  8. Chris Sacca answers: “What does it mean to be a founder in your book? What are you looking for as an investor?”
  9. Sebastian Thrun answers: “At Google you worked on Google Glasses and the self-driving car. Did you break Sergey Brin’s heart by telling him you wanted to leave?”
  10. Fred Wilson answers: “What are you looking for in an entrepreneur?”

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