Twitter’s new CEO, Mr. Beast’s record-breaking Squid Game + Haus’ Helena Price Hambrecht | E1335





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00:00 Jason intros News + Founder Interview
01:41 Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO, replaced by CTO Parag Agarwal
09:49 LinkedIn – Post your first job for free at
11:05 Comparing Mr. Beast’s Squid Game to the original Netflix version
16:53 Interview – Helena Price Hambrecht, Co-Founder and CEO of Haus
19:34 Alcohol regulation and why Haus can sell DTC
23:17 Ladder – See if you are approved for life insurance at
24:25 Building a brand
34:59 Stripe – Visit to learn more about how Stripe can support your business today.
36:30 How Haus acquires customers
39:12 Marketing messaging and adapting to Apple’s changing privacy regulation
42:50 Competing with larger retailers
46:18 Helana’s fundraising history and plans for the business
48:25 America’s evolving “drinking culture”

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