E730: Inside LAUNCH Incubator, PT1: Transported: Virtual Reality Tours for Real Estate & FitBod: Personalized strength-training powered by machine learning

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about this episode

Today Jason and Brian Alvey talk with LAUNCH Incubator founders about their products, give and receive candid feedback about the highly competitive Incubator, key takeaways, struggles, the funding process, and more. The first founder is Tyson Woeste and his startup Transported, which offers virtual reality tours for real estate. One of the great things about VR is that it’s not tethered to reality, so instead of wandering through a home, you can jump in anywhere — you can zoom in on the sink, you can see if the floor is actually as good as it looks, you can look at the ceiling, etc. There is a level of detail that you wouldn’t get from photos. Next is co-founder Allen Chen & FitBod, which offers personalized strength-training powered by machine learning. Everyone thinks that apps are over, and that the fitness space is too crowded, yet FitBod found a way to come out on top.

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00:25: Jason introduces his co-host, Brian Alvey, CEO of Clipisode and serial entrepreneur

1:10: “Great 8” – 8 co’s from the LAUNCH Incubator

3:20: Transported offers virtual reality tours for real estate

4:30: Transported demo

7:15: Transported pitch

8:25: How the Transported platform works

9:10: About the Transported business: $10b opportunity

10:20: Brian Alvey’s feedback on Transported

11:30: Tyson talks about early feedback and how he made that transition to anticipating and including the objections in deck

22:50: FitBod pitch

24:50: Supervised machine learning

25:30: FitBod’s one key stat is daily exercises logged

27:50: Brian shares his thoughts about how FitBod addressed concerns around the crowded apps and fitness spaces

30:50: Allen explains how he made FitBod stand out

31:20: FitBod uses machine learning, data science, and observations of what people have done already in the app

32:50: The real focus was getting users to love FitBod

34:40: Social component of FitBod

36:20: Funding process

40:56: Key takeaways from Incubator

44:00: Brian’s favorite company

51:50: Brian shares his thoughts about the Incubator program and what can be improved

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