US initiates crypto regulation, Robinhood IPO access, Slack as a Trojan Horse PLUS Magic Spoon CEO Gabi Lewis | E1220



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Show notes:
00:00 News Segment BTC, Robinhood, & IPO
01:42 Crypto faces crackdown in China & taxes + reporting requirements in the US
15:58 LinkedIn Jobs – Post your first job for free
17:26 Robinhood lets retail investors invest in IPOs early
21:14 Antonio Garcia Martinez on Kara Swisher Twitter Space
24:24 OurCrowd – Invest in startups early at
25:47 Guest – Gabi Lewis, Co-Founder of Magic Spoon’s first startup Exo Protein
29:27 Sell something people want, going after a mass-appeal category
31:20 How to Magic Spoon actually made their first products
34:25 Why “big cereal” doesn’t have any protein
37:10 Secureframe – Get $2000 off your SOC 2
38:40 Pricing a premium food product
40:10 How Magic Spoon incentivizes customers to buy direct, while also selling on Amazon
45:26 Balancing marketing costs with growth across channels
50:50 Focus vs. cross-category expansion
52:25 Going back to the office & how remote work improved hiring
58:08 What flavor is Captain Crunch?
1:00:25 Benefits of raising an internal round vs. an external round

Jason’s Magic Spoon Review: It’s Great! His kids like it too.

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