E709: VC Outlook w/Jeff Clavier (SoftTech), Omar Hamoui (Sequoia), Patricia Nakache (Trinity) & Aydin Senkut (Felicis): lessons learned, greatest misses, Series A crunch, SV v. int’l, startups behaving badly, & the Trump factor — at Upfront Summit 2017



about this episode

Filmed at the Upfront Summit 2017, Jason interviews a panel of VC thought leaders that all share the common theme of incredible portfolios and tremendous success. Patricia Nakache (Trinity Ventures), Aydin Senkut (Felicis Ventures), Jeff Clavier (SoftTech VC), Omar Hamoui (Sequoia Capital) convene to discuss trends and the future of venture capital, their biggest misses and lessons learned, “FOMO” in the investing landscape, how to avoid fraudulent situations, and much more.

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1:30: Omar explains how Sequoia looks at valuation of later stage companies today, and how how it affects look at investing in Series A today

2:30: Omar talks about what he has learned since becoming a partner that he didn’t as a founder.

4:00: Jeff speculates whether YouTube would have been able to rise without Google?

5:00: Jeff shares the reasons for why he said no to Uber.

6:35: Aydin shares his greatest miss.

8:15: Patricia shares her greatest miss.

12:15: How many viable Series A companies would you see every month, and how has that changed?

15:06: Aydin talks about how he handles the sheer number of people participating in the VC landscape–companies that have been funded, angel investors, angel list syndicates, seed investors, etc.

16:43: Patricia describes the Series A crunch

18:07: Aydin compares/contrasts building companies in Silicon Valley vs. internationally, and the increasing dichotomy in the market

22:37: Is it really worth leaving Silicon Valley when there is so much opportunity there?

23:40: Jeff talks about the end game for the rising cost of starting a company in SV

25:18: Omar names the two companies that have successful remote engineering teams

25:50: Bad behavior in startup land

31:50: Trump’s impact on venture industry

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