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00:00 Jason and Molly tee up the show, Top VC vs. Second-tier VCs, Mike Lin from Dangerous Ventures
01:38 The behavior difference between a top tier VC and a second tier VC
09:23 Where VCs should actually intervene in a portfolio company, micromanaging vs. good governance
11:47 First Republic Bank – Discover what a long-term financial relationship can do for you. Visit today to learn more.
12:50 What needs to be in alignment Mission, Plan, Strategy, Tactics
14:58 Why good Board Members are calm and positive
19:30 Jason and Molly intro the This Week in Climate Startups segment
20:40 Superside – Go to to get $3000 or more in credits when you sign up for an annual subscription
22:00 Mike Lin from Dangerous Ventures discusses his previous startup experience at Makani Power
26:09 Can muscle-powered energy come back?
27:57 Pulling Power from the Sky: The Story of Makani
30:56 Notion – Go to and use promo code TWIST to get $250 off its annual team plan
32:28 Lessons from Mike’s time as the founder of Fenix, which was bringing power to low income economies, and the lessons from the failed Potenco generator & One Laptop Per Child project
36:35 How Fenix rose out of the ashes of his previous startup, Fenix’s smart battery
39:55 Why Mike Lin was fired as an Apple contractor for insubordination
43:39 Who is going to actually solve the climate crisis?
46:15 Mike’s ambition at Dangerous Ventures and why they are backing “Dunkirk” climate solutions
53:43 Managing a micro-fund and using SPVs to build initial momentum
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