E726: Investor Outlook with Hunter Walk (Homebrew), Megan Quinn (Spark Capital), & Jalak Jobanputra (FuturePerfect VC); bonus: Rishi Garg, Mayfield (prev. VP CorpDev, Twitter) shares how to stay sane while selling your company



about this episode

Just because you write the check doesn’t mean that you’re the important person in the equation. In fact, the check is not important in the equation either. It’s the people who get up everyday and do the hard work, and that kind of humility, work ethic, and dedication is what set Hunter Walk of Homebrew, Megan Quinn of Spark Capital, and Jalak Jobanputra of FuturePerfect VC apart. Filmed at LAUNCH Festival 2017, Jason sits down with this all-star panel of builders-turned-investors to discuss lessons learned, equity crowdfunding, VR predictions, and much more. And then Rishi Garg of Mayfield helps us understand the M&A process, how to be proactive, and how to get the right help. Previously, Rishi ran corporate development and strategy teams at 3 public companies, most recently at Twitter, where he was VP of Corporate Development, as well as at Square and MTV Networks. Along the way, he also started and sold a venture-backed company and worked for a couple other venture firms, so M&A is a topic that he cares deeply about, and has seen from many angles.

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1:28: Jason introduces the all-star panel of builders-turned-investors: Hunter Walk of Homebrew, Megan Quinn of Spark Capital, and Jalak Jobanputra of FuturePerfect VC

2:47: Hunter describes what he has learned from being an investor now vs a builder

3:54: Megan describes what she has learned as a VC/investor

4:51: Jalak explains the optimal role as an investor, especially with operating experience

6:44: Megan talks about managing deal flow

10:37: Hunter shares his approach to dealing with the deluge of people entering the entrepreneur space

13:54: The panel shares their VR predictions

21:27: Impact of equity crowdfunding

30:39: Megan’s thoughts about the current content business

38:10: Women in the industry – is it getting better?

42:05: Rishi Garg gives an introduction to his talk about proactive M&A strategies

44:44: Start at the pipeline

46:04: No overnight successes for M&A

49:00: M&A prep sheet

49:46: What to discuss?

52:00: Strategic fit/shared vision

54:00: Are they really interested?

55:30: Most important terms

58:52: Should we get a banker?

59:56: Corp Dev is your friend

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