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On this episode of Walker Corporate Law’s’ Startup of the week, Jason talks with SilverLiving co-founder Tal Ziv. Tal fills Jason on the current state of assisted living facilities, how they are acting as a consumer activist, and their plans to expand their business from New York to California.

0:10 Let’s welcome Silver Living to Startup of the Week
2:30 Thanks to Scott Walker of Walker Corporate Law for sponsoring the program. Check them out at WalkerCorporateLaw.com
4:25 Welcome Tal Ziv of Silver Living
4:35 What is Silver Living? Why did you start it?
5:30 So you put the good the bad and the ugly on your site?
6:10 Can you walk us through your scoring system?
8:25 What do the retirement homes say when you say you are going to be rating their business?
9:30 So what do they say if they get a poor review?
10:40 Why do they have such high turnover, is it people passing away?
11:05 Can you explain your business model?
12:20 Why is there a minimum rating of 2.5 stars?
13:40 Shouldn’t there be a 1 star rating so i can understand the 5 star?
14:25 How big is the market for assisted living and how do you define the market of assisted living?
15:30 What is memory care?
16:55 How were people finding assisted living facilities before Silver Living?
18:00 Do you charge a fixed percentage across the board?
19:00 Would it be possible for someone to host someone who needs assisted living out of their home?
20:10 Is it allowed in CA because there is a demand for a $1K option as well as a $4K option?
21:00 Dave McClure is an investor of yours correct?
21:15 Where are you at with the funding/size of your business?
22:20 Where are you at with your findraisin?
22:50 What so you see as the future of assisted living in general?
24:15 What is adult day care?
25:15 Why this business and not other ones? Was it the struggle you went through with your grandmother?
27:10 Would you ever consider starting your own facility if this is something that were to take off?
29:25 What do your expansion plans look like in the coming future?
29:45 What does it cost to enter a review on one location?
30:25 I notice that you aren’t using sexy photos as airbnb does?
31:30 Thanks to Tal from Silverliving.com
32:10 Have you had people respond to your ratings? Have they made improvements after receiving a poor rating from you?
33:30 What is the average price for one month of these facilities?
35:00 Where are you expanding to next?
35:30 Good Luck with everything Tal, continued success!



Jason: @jason
Silver Living: @silverliving
Tal: @talziv
WalkerCorporate Law: @scottedwalker 

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