Walker Corporate Law Startup of the Week 16: Matt Sandler



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On this episode of Walker Corporate Law’s’ Startup of the week, Jason talks with Chromatik co-founder Matt Sandler.

0:35 Let’s welcome the cofounder and CEO of Chromatik Matt Sandler
1:10 Let’s thank Scott Walker at Walker Corporate Law. Go to walkercorporatelaw.com and check them out
2:30 What is Chromatik?
3:30 What do you mean by collaborate with your services? Can you give us an example?
4:45 What is the role of sheet music in all of this?
5:10 Is there no current standard for online sheet music?
5:50 What does a doc chromatik file provide you with?
6:25 So I can drop a PDF into Chromatik.com?
6:40 What makes you more qualified to make this than anyone else?
7:30 Where is this all going? Are people paying for this?
8:05 Is one way to monetize to simply sell sheet music inside the app?
9:15 If you had 100K daily active users what would be possible with Chromatik?
10:15 Is there a name for a group of collaborating on music who have never met one another?
12:00 Do you see people being able to publish their collaborations?
13:40 I see you have Bruno Mars as an investor, how did you get a celebrity to invest?
14:30 Do you get paid off of your Grouplove collaboration?
15:35 Can you explain the term masterclass?
15:55 How much would people pay for teaching time with famous guitarists?
17:45 Is this your first startup? How did you launch?
19:20 How did you end up meeting Dave McClure?
20:00 How do you make VC stalking not creepy?
21:20 So did you raise $2 Million in your angel round?
33:35 What do you think the secret of good networking is?
23:15 Were you going around pitching an idea or did you already have a product?
23:30 How many months in were you before you started doing hardcore networking?
24:40 Explain what you define the lean startup movement as?
25:10 What will success mean to you in one year?
26:30 Do you have users who use it every single day?
27:40 What do you need to prove to get the next round of funding?
27:55 How did you get your name out to schools?
29:30 Is there a YouTube element that could expand your business?
30:15 How does the music industry look at you right now?
33:00 Is the iPad the wrong size for sheet music?
34:20 Could a double iPad size tablet be the perfect thing for sheet music?
36:00 I awesome you are hiring?
36:20 Thanks to Scott Walker for sponsoring the program
35:50 Did you have great success on AngelList?
37:30 Would you have paid one percent to use AngelList in the beginning?
38:00 Did you ever think about using KickStarter for this?
38:30 Thanks Matt Sandler for being on the program. We’ll see you next time




Jason: @jason
Chromatik: @chromatikmusic
Matt: @mattdsandler
WalkerCorporate Law: @scottedwalker 

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