Walker Corporate Law Startup of the Week 17: Paul Berry



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On this episode of Walker Corporate Law’s’ Startup of the week, Jason talks with Paul Berry of RebelMouse

 0:10 Let’s welcome RebelMouse founder Paul Berry
2:00 Thanks to Scott Walker at Walker Corporate Law! They specialize in the representation of Entrepreneurs
4:20 Paul what is RebelMouse, and why did you create it?
8:30 So this is kind of like a more powerful Pinterest?
13:30 Can you walk us through the various designs are offered?
16:35 Let’s talk about the statistical services you offer to the user.
18:05 Who are you competing with?
19:30 How long can I make a new post? Can it be as long as a blog post?
20:50 How much can I freeze?
22:00 What is your business model?
23:55 Will there always be a free version of RebelMouse?
24:40 How does following work?
26:15 Could Twitter banned you from incorporating content from their site?
27:10 What are the Twitter display requirements?
28:20 What do you think about twitter locking down their ecosystem?
29:30 What do you think that Huffington Post did that let them grow so quickly?
30:55 How much of RebelMouse’s will be based on SEO?
32:45 Do you think Google will ever ban RebelMouse from their search results?
34:10 Are you going to take the Instagram approach, and stay small?
36:20 Are you going to make more templates available?
38:30 Continued success to you and RebelMouse Paul. We’ll see you next time.



Jason: @jason
RebelMouse: @rebelmouse
WalkerCorporate Law: @scottedwalker 

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