Walker Corporate Law Startup of the Week 20: Aaron Schildkrout



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On this episode of Walker Corporate Law’s’ Startup of the week, Jason talks with Aaron Schildkrout, co-founder and co-CEO of HowAboutWe.

0:05 HowAboutWe is on the program today! Stick with us!

1:30 Before we get started, I need to thank our sponsor Walker Corporate Law

3:00 Welcome to the program Aaron Schildkrout of HowAboutWe

4:00 Tell us about your startup. Where did you get your inspiration?

5:35 How many people go on dates through your service per day?

6:15 What makes a successful date idea?

7:30 Does this take some of the stigma away from online dating?

8:00 What are some of the top 10 date suggestions?

9:40 so if 2 people post the same date they are often compatible

10:00 What are some of the weirdest dates you have heard of?

10:45 Are lude dates against your terms of service?

12:00 What services do you have available for couples?

14:30 What about couples going out with other couples?

16:45 What explains the huge amount of financing you got?

18:00 So this isn’t cheap? It’s $22/month.

20:30 So the way you are able to offer activities for free is by promotion by way of word of mouth?

22:30 So in a way, you are the anti-Groupon because your clientele is more high class?

24:40 How do you summarize and pitch your business in less than 1 minute?

28:25 Has anyone copied your model so far?

28:50 What would success for this company mean to you?

31:50 Continued success with HowAboutWe! This is a great product!

Jason: @jason
HowAboutWe: @howaboutwe
Aaron: @schildkrout
WalkerCorporate Law: @scottedwalker 

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