Walker Corporate Law Startup of the Week 19: Muck Rack



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Jason talks with Greg Galant of Muck Rack, a powerful tool to connect journalists.

2:00 Thanks to our Partner Scott Walker and Walker Corporate Law
4:05 Welcome Muck Rack founder Greg Galant
4:45 What is Muck Rack?
7:00 Is it a social network, a database?
8:30 Do you think people have had bad experiences with Vocus?
9:15 Jason’s breakdown of Muck Rack.
9:45 How do you compile your top user lists?
11:45 What can you use the private notes for?
12:15 How do I pitch through the system?
13:30 So are you making PR more targeted?
16:30 How Jason executes intelligent PR.
17:30 Are journalists more desperate these days?
19:30 Explain the Muck Rack Daily email and what it is.
20:15 Who is writing it? How many people get it?
21:25 Do you have any evidence that says that CNN or the New York Times are following your news room?
23:00 What are you charging for this?
26:45 You seem to be a distracted entrepreneur. Are you settling down to focus purely on Muck Rack?
28:20 Go to muckrack.com to check it out.
28:20 Can civilians use any of your services for free?
29:20 Are journalists signing up for the pro services?
30:10 Thanks to Greg Galant and Walker Corporate law! We’ll see you next time.



Jason: @jason
Muck Rack: @muckrack
Greg: @gregory
WalkerCorporate Law: @scottedwalker 

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