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On this episode of Walker Corporate Law’s’ Startup of the week, Jason talks with Francis Pedraza, CEO and Founder of Everest.

0:00 On the program today, Everest, stay tuned!

0:30 Thanks for joining us on the program. Today we welcome Francis Pedraza CEO/Founder of Everest

2:00 Thanks to Scott Walker at the Walker Corporate Law Group. Ti talk to Scott directly call 310.288.6667 or got wo walkercorporatelaw.com

4:15 So can you explain everest to us a little but? What is it all about?

8:55 Are you a positive psychology guy?

10:45 How to add a step on Everest

11:45 I can explore and look at other peoples’ dreams

13:00 Where do the challenges come from?

15:15 How did you get Bono to invest?

16:00 How did you meet Peter Thiel?

19:05 What’s the activity like in an app like Everest?

20:20 How do you get by with drop off conversion with app downloads?

23:45 What do you have to do to be successful? How do you define success 3 years from now?

24:50 It is a different way to look at the world isn’t it?

28:00 Jason takes challenge to FORGIVE!!!

30:25 Jason might be interested in investing in Everest

31:55 Thank you, everybody check out Everest.com

32:15 Is Android coming?

32:45 Thank you Scott Walker for making this week’s episode happen!

Jason: @jason
Everest: @everest
Walker Corporate Law: @scottedwalker 

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