Episode 23: Walker Corporate Law Startup of the Week – ZenPayroll



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On this episode of Walker Corporate Law’s’ Startup of the week, Jason talks with Joshua Reeves, CEO and Co-Founder of ZenPayroll.

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0:00 Welcome Josh Reeves from Zen Payroll!

1:00 Thanks to Scott Walker at Scott Walker Law Group!

2:00 Background on Zen Payroll including investors

3:30 What is the mission of Zen Payroll? Why did you start it?

4:30 Run through of interface

5:00 What’s going on in the backend?

7:30 This is targeted to companies 1-200 employees?

8:55 How do you charge for your services? vs others?

10:00 How much is the difference between you and someone like ADP?

10:43 At what point did your competitors become aware of you and your services?

11:30 Is mobile the gateway to getting companies that have never used software to do payroll to engage?

13:30 Have the bigger companies tried to come buy you out?

15:41 How did you get into Y Combinator?

17:00 Giving up 6% of your company for $15,000, was that a good decision?

19:10 How did you get your all-star list of investors?

21:00 How many people invested in your first round?

23:45 Did you get criticism for not having a lead investor?

25:45 How important is design with startups today?

27:20 How do you keep the team motivated? What’s the next goal?

28:30 When will you have nationwide coverage?

29:30 Will you be providing project management service integration?

30:30 API coming?

33:00 How do these things get applied without being draconian?


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