Welcome to the Backchannel for Sept. 24-30

Ask not what you can do for startups, but what startups can do for you. In this instance, how they can help you lead healthier, fitter lives.

Health week arrived at TWiST and we had a great sit down on Tuesday with dental-made-simple startup founder Jake Winebaum (catch that ep here if you missed it: http://goo.gl/xRMvh). Continuing in the same vein, today brings us a Health and Fitness Devices Special with Ben Rubin of Zeo and Jason Jacobs of RunKeeper. Join us at 1pm PT to find out more about the devices and platforms that can help you optimize your health!

This week, we were happy to welcome the following new members to the Backchannel:

Supporter Ian Thomas
Supporter Manny Alarcon
Supporter Charlie Osmond

Fan Brian Ruhe
Fan Darryl LaRue
Fan Jordan Johnson

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