What should Jason do for the 50th episode?

The title says it all; we want to make the 50th episode special, for one we are taking the show on the road to San Francisco the epicenter for tech startups and plan on having a venue that can hold a large number of people.  In the past while on the road normal segments like “Ask Jason” and “Shark Tank” have proved difficult.  So we have been throwing around a couple ideas:

  • Have a mega guest, interview and live Q&A (who do you think qualifies as a mega guest?)
  • Have a round table of past epic show guests (who would you include as the 5-6 epic guests?)
  • Have a Bonus (show) after hours poker game with guests chatting about tech news and how it fits in with business.  (Would head-to-head play between different guest be interesting and have Jason bouncing around chatting between tables or would a table full of different guest be fun?)

All of these we have been throwing around but we would like to hear your ideas and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  Please add your ideas to the comments.