Y Combinator’s New Deal, Turo S-1 + Deep Sentinel CEO Dave Selinger: Human-in-the-loop security cameras | E1358



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00:00 Jason & Molly intro the show
01:53 Y Combinator’s new $500K deal
09:41 Eight Sleep – Go to https://eightsleep.com/twist to check out the Pod Pro Cover and get $150 off at checkout!
11:14 Early-stage startup investing strategy
19:46 How does YC’s move impact the startup landscape
22:57 Is an IPO an Exit?
24:15 Vanta – Get get $1,000 off automating your SOC 2 at https://vanta.com/twist
25:32 Turo S-1 breakdown
36:56 Ourcrowd – Check out the deal of the week at https://ourcrowd.com/twist
38:25 Interview – Deep Sentinel Founder & CEO Dave Selinger
44:52 Deep Sentinel in action
54:24 The power of finding your ideal customer
1:01:33 Potential new features and Deep Sentinel product roadmap
1:07:53 Jason’s Deep Sentinel experience
1:15:33 Deep Sentinel semi-supervised learning inspired by Tesla

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