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TWiST Episode #151 with Yancey Strickler of Kickstarter
If you’re a filmmaker, photographer, actor, chef or just about any other creative type, you’ve no doubt heard about the phenomenon that is Kickstarter, the largest creative crowd-funding site in the world. From the TWiST NYC studios, Jason interviews Kickstarter’s co-founder Yancey Strickler, who has a wealth of advice to give to would-be entrepreneurs and those who want their own pet-project kickstarted.

For background on Yancey and Kickstarter, go to http://bit.ly/TwistKickstarter.



0:00-1:00 Welcome and introduction of guest, Yancey Strickler.
1:00-2:00 Thank you to Belgrave Trust for the studio and to Squarespace for sponsoring the show. (Remember to thank @squarespace!)
2:00-4:00 How did Kickstarter get its start?
10:00-12:00 What was the size of a project in the early days?
12:00-14:00 Would this idea have worked prior to social media?
14:00-15:00 What happens to that $900k?
15:00-19:00 So the middle man lost out on one of the most amazing products that could have been in the Apple store?
19:00-20:00 Who are the imitators that are doing this in Europe and giving equity?
20:00-21:00 How did the team over at USV come to invest?
21:00-22:00 How does Kickstarter make money?
22:00-23:00 Is that something unique to Amazon’s payment system?
23:00-24:30 $60 million has been pledged so far and how many projects?
24:30-25:30 But that project hasn’t gone that well, so what does that mean for Kickstarter?
25:30-26:30 How do you keep fraud or failure out of the system?
26:30-27:00 So people can say, I didn’t like the result, I’m charging back?
27:00-28:30 Why is the quality of projects on Kickstarter so high? (Watch the clip.)
28:30-29:00 Do people go to Kickstarter looking for a project to fund or do they go because someone emailed them?
29:00-30:00 GoToMeeting ad. Remember to thank @gotomeeting!
30:00-31:30 Ok, back to it: Do people go to Kickstarter looking for a project to fund or do they go because someone emailed them? (Watch the clip.)
31:30-32:30 How is this impacting different industries? Where are you having the biggest impact?
32:30-33:30 How many projects do you think you’ll have at Sundance next year?
33:30-34:00 So under-serviced demographics are getting the most traction?
34:00-35:15 Is there something fundamentally changing about culture consumption?
35:15-37:00 In a way it’s a triumph over the lowest common denominator of the arts?
37:00-37:45 So now the legends are coming?
37:45-41:00 As a first time entrepreneur, what’s been the hardest part?
41:00-42:30 A year ago how much were you doing per week?
42:30-43:00 Have people knocked off the idea yet in other countries?
43:00-44:30 Will it go down to the mom and pop level? You’re not snobs about the project?
44:30-45:45 Do you have any advice for people to get their project approved and get it on the front page? (Watch the clip.)
45:45-46:15 This has been an amazing interview and I cannot stop thinking about Kickstarter.
46:15-47:00 Thank you to our sponsors GoToMeeting and Squarespace, and to our TWiST List Executive Producers for joining me in the studio.
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