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0:00 Jason and Molly tee up today’s show!
2:33 More info on BlockFi/FTX sale: CEO of BlockFi denied $25M sale to FTX
5:51 Crypto exchange CoinFlex having public feud w/investor who had a reported $47M loan from the company
12:34 Vanta – Get $1,000 off automating your SOC 2 at
13:44 More on contracts
17:40 CFTC charged Mirror Trading International for fraud over promise of passive income returning 10% a month
26:44 Helpware – Go to
to get $1000 off your first invoice
27:54 OneCoin not on blockchain and had no real value
32:43 BairesDev – Go to
and get $10k off when you sign your first contract
34:01 Two of Sequoia’s largest investments, Unity and DoorDash, have each fallen over 70% off their public peaks
45:23 Swedish BNPL startup Klarna is raising at $6.5B – 1/7th of what they were valued June 2021
51:48 Breaking: BlockFi says it will be bought by FTX for up to $240 million
54:50 Zoom looking to expand outside of just video conferencing
57:40 SpaceX gets new FCC Starlink authorization for trucks and boats!
1:06:21 Producer Rachel tees up this week’s OK Boomer segment
1:08:23 OKB: Jared Downing, co-founder and CEO of Stages (a live-streaming platform)
1:28:43 Outro + Plugs (Bye Producer Justin! We’ll miss you)

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