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AI Demos! xAI’s Grok chatbot, OpenAI’s GPTs, & more! | E1846

E1846 • Nov 13, 2023 • 62 mins

Sunny Madra joins Jason to discuss and demo xAI’s new chatbot, Grok (2:18), OpenAI’s new GPTs (31:54), and an AI designed to detect fake reviews (55:40). Then, Sunny builds a GPT live on air (36:22).

Key Points

  • GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) have the potential to fundamentally change the way companies interact with customers by providing real-time, automated responses to inquiries, which can be further developed into more complex applications like booking services or providing medical advice.
  • The ability to quickly create GPTs for specific uses, such as summarizing a venture fund's strategy or analyzing product reviews for authenticity, demonstrates the flexibility and power of AI in extracting and providing relevant information on demand.
  • While GPT technology shows great promise, users should be aware of its current limitations and potential for error, as demonstrated in the poker odds example, and should use AI-generated advice as a starting point for further research or in consultation with professionals.
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