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Google's AI emergency, Apple's lowkey AI moves, amazing Sora demos & more with Sunny Madra | E1904

E1904 • Feb 27, 2024 • 46 mins

Sunny Madra joins Jason to discuss how Google’s “woke AI” emergency came to be (1:17), Apple’s lowkey AI integrations (33:51), what OpenAI’s incredible Sora model means for Hollywood (39:39), and much more!

Key Points

  • Sora, an AI tool by OpenAI, delivers one of the best AI demos in history with its ability to create long, high-quality videos featuring camera movements and detailed elements such as reflections on sunglasses.
  • showcases a powerful multimodal vision model that can analyze images and provide detailed, context-rich explanations, such as identifying a charcuterie plate with Rioja wine as Spanish in origin.
  • Apple subtly integrates AI into its Photos app, enabling users to search for images based on content recognition, such as identifying different types of pizza or distinguishing between English and French bulldogs.
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