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OpenAI DevDay!: demoing GPT-4 Turbo, "GPT Store" potential, and more with Sunny Madra | E1841

E1841 • Nov 6, 2023 • 63 mins

Sunny joins Jason to discuss OpenAI’s DevDay announcements (1:33). Then, Sunny demos an AI-driven chatbot creator (32:49), an AI email-first Chief of Staff (39:12), and much more!

Key Points

  • OpenAI's decision to cover legal expenses for copyright infringement claims could invite a multitude of lawsuits from attorneys targeting the platform.
  • The new GPT store by OpenAI allows creators to build and monetize applications, potentially changing the way internet content is consumed and created.
  • Zapier's introduction of natural language processing to create automations significantly lowers the barrier to entry, enabling more users to streamline their workflows without technical expertise.
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