Super Pro Rata (VC Sunday School) + ClimateCheck Founder Cal Inman (Climate) | E1413



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00:00 Pro Rata VC Sunday School + Assessing Climate Risk
01:26 Why some investors warn against Super Pro Rata
08:02 Is there an advantage to having more investors on the cap table?
13:27 Embroker – Get an extra 10% off insurance for your business at
14:43 This Week in Climate Startups – Cal Inman of Climate Check
17:49 How ClimateCheck integrates data for predictions
23:17 How climate predictions are influencing buying decisions
24:46 Bubble. Get one month free of a no-code plan at
26:14 How financial partners are responding to increasing climate risks
30:45 Incorporating resilience preparedness into ClimateCheck
35:33 Rocket – Go to promo code TWIST for 20% off your first placement.
37:14 Next steps for ClimateCheck
43:28 The latest from the TWIST team

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