Launching Twitter Blue with Twitter’s Head of Product Kayvon Beykpour | E1225



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Show Notes:

00:00 Start
01:52 Kayvon Beykpour on Twitter’s Product
03:29 Why Twitter’s product evolution was slow
07:53 Masterworks – Skip the 17,000 person waitlist using code TWIST at
10:04 Composers & Content Consumers
13:11 The importance of connecting users to interests
15:56 Twitter’s Health Roadmap – enabling healthy conversation
21:04 Rippling – Automate your HR and IT at
22:41 The “soft-block” – observing ways people hack the process
24:12 Will Twitter allow people to archive their tweets?
26:32 Kayvon announces Twitter Blue
36:34 Linkedin Marketing Solutions – Get a $100 ad credit and launch your first campaign at
38:14 LinkedIn competitor? Will there be a Twitter Corporate?
43:26 Building tools for creators

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