US inherits China’s Bitcoin Mining Dynasty + Jacob Helberg on the “New Cold War” with China | E1303



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00:00 Jason introduces the episode
01:59 News – China’s Bitcoin hashrate plummets as US rises
07:53 Ourcrowd – Check out the deal of the week at
09:03 Interview – Jacob Helberg on disinformation campaigns
19:15 Jacob’s insight from his time at Google News
23:00 Squarespace – Use offer code TWIST to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain at
24:33 Flooding the zone
28:42 Russian objectives
32:21 The battle over front-end and back-end technologies
36:37 – Get 15% off your first 4 weeks of developer time at
37:53 How China exerts global control
43:24 The cards the US has left to play
48:59 The Taiwan question
57:00 How China got off easy
1:00:08 Xi taking control of China’s tech companies
1:17:35 The world turning a blind-eye to the Uyghurs

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