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Empathic AI and the role of AI in understanding human emotions with Hume AI’s Alan Cowen | E1922

E1922 • Mar 28, 2024 • 56 mins

Hume AI’s Alan Cowen joins Jason to demo Hume AI’s Empathic Voice Interface, Measurement API, and discuss the future implications of this tech, both positive and negative.

Key Points

  • Human AI is developing technology that integrates understanding of human emotions with AI to optimize for human well-being, focusing on voice and facial expressions beyond just language.
  • The AI is designed to adapt its responses based on the user's emotional state, aiming to provide more satisfying and human-like interactions across various applications, including customer service and entertainment.
  • Ethical guidelines and a cautious approach to deployment are central to Human AI's mission, aiming to ensure the technology enhances user well-being and avoids manipulative or harmful usage.
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