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Jason Calacanis

$NVDA's earnings, media economics in the AI era, Farcaster's mega crypto round, and more! | E1954

E1954 • May 22, 2024 • 80 mins

Jason and Alex discuss Nvidia's earnings, media economics in the AI era, the potential sale of Humane, Windows Recall, and Farcaster's $150M raise.

Key Points

  • NVIDIA's impressive earnings report with $26 billion in revenue ahead of expectations and a 427 percent year-over-year increase in data center revenue highlights the company's significant growth driven by AI and large language models.
  • OpenAI's licensing deal with News Corp, valued at a quarter of a billion dollars over five years, demonstrates the increasing value of AI-generated content and the potential for a new revenue stream for media companies.
  • Microsoft's new recall feature for AI PCs, which allows users to review their computer activity, raises questions about privacy and the balance between convenience and potential over-surveillance in personal and professional spaces.
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