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Jason Calacanis

Late-stage VC market update + Terra Kaffe's Sahand Dilmaghani | E1891

E1891 • Feb 2, 2024 • 55 mins

Jason kicks off the show with an update on the late-stage VC market. Then, Terra Kaffe’s Sahand Dilmaghani joins to discuss Terra Kaffe’s super-automatic machines, scaling the B2C business, and much more!

Key Points

  • Late-stage VCs are sitting on $311 billion of dry powder, and the lack of IPOs and M&A activity is causing systemic indigestion, leading to the emergence of continuation funds to provide liquidity to LPs.
  • Terra Kaffe's TK02 super-automatic espresso machine offers a thoughtfully designed, environmentally friendly alternative to pod-based systems, with the ability to upgrade firmware and personalize coffee experiences through its app.
  • Founder Fridays are non-commercial events for founders to connect, share insights, and solve problems collaboratively, fostering a community that supports growth and innovation among startups.
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