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This Week in Startups
Jason Calacanis covers startups, tech, markets, media, and all the hottest topics in business and technology. He also interviews the world’s greatest founders, operators, investors, and innovators.
Jason Calacanis

Bill Gurley, Brad Gerstner, & Jason Calacanis on the state of tech markets, hosted by David Weisburd | E1875

E1875 • Jan 5, 2024 • 89 mins

In this episode, Jason Calacanis and guests discuss predictions on public markets and IPOs, tech multiples, overcapitalization, and boardroom dynamics. They reflect on past IPOs and the potential of Stripe going public. The role of secondary in providing liquidity is explored, alongside why now is a great time to start a company. The episode concludes with 2024 predictions for Nvidia and Google.

Key Points

  • Public markets could experience an uptick in IPO activity in 2024 and 2025 due to a backlog from previous years and a shift in market conditions.
  • AI technology, especially language models, is anticipated to significantly impact various industries and consumer experiences, but may face commoditization challenges.
  • The current environment, characterized by accessible technical talent and AI advancements, is considered an ideal time for entrepreneurs to start new companies.
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