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How LPs identify top emerging fund managers with Slipstream’s Alex Edelson | E1898

E1898 • Feb 15, 2024 • 81 mins

Alex Edelson of Slipstream Investors joins Jason to discuss fund of funds and their place in the venture ecosystem, ownership in relation to fund size, picking winners, generating liquidity for LPs, and much more!

Key Points

  • Early stage venture funds with smaller sizes (e.g., $50 million or less for pre-seed) that achieve high ownership relative to fund size can generate significant returns even with modestly successful companies.
  • Sustainable competitive advantages unique to a venture team, such as deep domain expertise or operational experience, are critical for sourcing, picking, winning, and adding value to startup investments.
  • Venture capitalists should consider every funding round as a potential opportunity to buy or sell, tracking their decisions, and aiming for liquidity to improve returns and the ability to raise future funds.
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