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24/7 autonomous agents for everything with Induced AI’s Aryan Sharma | E1854

E1854 • Nov 28, 2023 • 53 mins

Induced AI CEO Aryan Sharma joins Jason to discuss the motivation behind Induced AI (3:20), how the product is being integrated into real-world applications (16:42), strategies for mitigating bad actors (32:16), and more!

Key Points

  • To break into tech, consume all the content you can about your desired field, learn to build products, and go to where the action is to network and meet people.
  • Induced AI is developing agents that live in the browser, enabling the automation of tasks through a virtual machine with a chromium fork, designed to perform various functions based on user input.
  • As autonomous agents and browser bots become more advanced, there's a need for ethical considerations and guardrails to prevent misuse, such as bad actors automating harmful actions on the web.
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