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The hard lessons from building three startups with Maven’s Gagan Biyani | E1840

E1840 • Nov 3, 2023 • 59 mins

In this episode, Jason Calacanis and Nick Calacanis converse with Gagan Biyani about his journey and startup, Maven. They delve into the benefits of cohort-based learning, the cost structure of traditional college degrees, and Maven's strategic approach in a down market. Biyani shares his experience at Founders Institute and Udemy, his playbook for achieving product-market fit, and the current state of the fundraising market. They also discuss the potential of Maven in the edtech market.

Key Points

  • Top instructors on Maven are earning $1M+ per year by teaching live, remote, cohort-based courses, with some working as few as 10-15 hours per week
  • Gagan's lesson from getting fired from his first startup Udemy: Managing employees does not come naturally to everyone, and active dialogue between co-founders, company leadership, and board members is crucial to not let problems fester
  • Gagan's lesson from his food delivery startup Sprig shutting down: well-capitalized competitors can kill your business if they start subsidizing costs and deploying better features like Uber Eats did with faster delivery
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