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Beeper's fight to break Apple's stronghold on messaging with Eric Migicovsky | E1892

E1892 • Feb 5, 2024 • 50 mins

Beeper's Eric Migicovsky joins Jason to discuss Beeper's mission of providing a universal chat app, Apple blocking Beeper Mini after just 3 days, fighting back against Apple as a startup founder, and much more!

Key Points

  • Startups find it difficult to ignore Apple's platform due to its market dominance, but speaking up about the challenges they face is essential for change.
  • Beeper's mission is to provide a universal chat app that consolidates all messaging platforms, yet their Beeper Mini app, which integrated iMessage for Android users, was shut down by Apple, highlighting the tech giant's control over app interoperability.
  • The European Commission's Digital Markets Act, which mandates open interoperable interfaces for large tech companies, signals a shift towards greater regulation and could lead to significant changes in how tech giants operate and interact with startups.
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