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Series A valuations, M&A in 2024, and M.A.N.G with Jason Shuman and Raja Doddala | E1883

E1883 • Jan 19, 2024 • 62 mins

David Weisburd hosts Jason Shuman, Raja Doddala, and Jason Calacanis to dive into 2024 startup valuation trends (2:00), insights on how VCs can secure great deals in a competitive market (17:46), a detailed look at secondary deals (36:25), and more!

Key Points

  • Investing in companies without product-market fit at a $50 million post-valuation is unlikely to yield good returns, making earlier-stage investments a potentially better vintage for investors.
  • Strategic investments by major tech companies like Microsoft and Nvidia in startups can distort valuations and may result in complex financial outcomes, including double-counted equity value.
  • M&A activity is expected to increase, with private equity firms showing interest in profitable tech companies, signaling a shift in the market towards businesses with strong financial discipline.
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