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This Week in Startups
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Jason Calacanis

Fund of funds: origins, evolution and deep dive with Michael Kim | E1890

E1890 • Jan 31, 2024 • 62 mins

Cendana’s Michael Kim joins Jason for a deep dive on fund of funds (3:32), how to examine alpha, beta, and quality indices in early-stage investing (28:38), current market trends, future startup outlook (45:11), and more!

Key Points

  • Tourist founders and fund managers, those who start companies or funds because it's a trend rather than a passion, are being flushed out, leading to a return to normalcy in startup valuations and investments.
  • Companies are now more mature at the seed stage, with many having revenue before raising a seed round, which is a shift from a decade ago when companies would raise seed rounds much earlier in their development.
  • Pre-seed is becoming the new seed stage, with pre-seed funds investing in companies that are less mature but showing identical mortality rates to seed stage companies, suggesting that pre-seed investing does not carry significantly higher risk.
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