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The Case for Adam Neumann + driverDoc's Josh Kolar on automation for trucking companies | E1844

E1844 • Nov 9, 2023 • 45 mins

First, Jason breaks down what forced WeWork’s bankruptcy filing (2:27), and what it might look like if Adam Neumann took back the company. (5:45) Then, driverDoc's Josh Kolar joins Jason to discuss creating an all-in-one digital management platform for trucking companies (25:54).

Key Points

  • WeWork filed for bankruptcy, and its restructuring plans include rejecting 60+ leases, renegotiating with ~400 landlords, and converting ~$3B of debt into equity with SoftBank retaining its ownership stake.
  • Adam Neumann returning to WeWork post-bankruptcy could be a big strategic advantage for the company, which is at its core a typical real estate business, due to his skills in branding, community building, and showmanship.
  • driverDoc, a digital management platform for trucking companies, is targeting a "sleeping giant" industry by trying to digitize and modernize an old-school, fragmented market.
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