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Exploring AI's Pace of Evolution, AGI's Future, and Data Dominance with Adept CEO David Luan | E1855

E1855 • Nov 29, 2023 • 38 mins

Adept Co-Founder and CEO David Luan joins Jason to discuss his experience at OpenAI (2:45), demo Adept's AI-powered workflow builder (13:47), what facets of AI he is most excited about, what keeps him motivated (32:33), and more!

Key Points

  • AGI could potentially arrive within the next one to two years in a form that can manage and prioritize work tasks, but trust in its recommendations may take longer to establish.
  • Adept AI is building enterprise-focused AI agents that can handle tedious tasks across multiple software tools, aiming to increase productivity and enable workers to focus on higher-level work.
  • The future of AI in the workplace could see AI agents performing roles similar to a chief of staff, providing executives with actionable suggestions and managing their focus within the next five years.
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