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Venture Fund Size Growth, the Rise of Unicorns, and more with Elizabeth Yin and Zach Coelius | E1886

E1886 • Jan 25, 2024 • 80 mins

Today’s show: David Weisburd hosts Elizabeth Yin, Zach Coelius, and Jason Calacanis to discuss trends in venture capital, including the growth of fund sizes (2:32), the resurgence of the Bay Area (33:42), the decrease in capital efficiency (51:12), the rise in unicorn companies but lack of liquidity (45:11), and top recent investments (57:27)!

Key Points

  • Crypto company founders sometimes work together without knowing each other's real identities, leading to challenges when companies succeed and require VC investment.
  • The current venture market is brutal for raising capital, with a 62% drop in venture capital and LPs being cautious about new investments, signaling a flight to quality and established managers.
  • Smaller venture funds historically outperform larger ones due to their ability to deploy capital more effectively and the increased competition larger funds face when investing in well-known companies.
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