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AI Demos: Dinnerfy, Hour One, AI short film “Borrowing Time”, Bland AI and more! | E1884

E1884 • Jan 22, 2024 • 56 mins

Sunny Madra joins Jason to demo video creation platform Hour One (9:28), meal planner Dinnerfly (26:35), a short film titled “Borrowed Time,” entirely created using AI tools (49:18), and more!

Key Points

  • Dinnerfly is a meal planning service that creates a personalized meal plan based on user preferences, provides recipes, and orders ingredients via Instacart.
  • AI phone agents powered by LLMs from can perform tasks such as cold calling, surveys, and customer support, with the capability to adapt to conversations and provide transcripts in real-time.
  • Using AI-generated content from various open-source models, creators can produce short films and comic panels, but the use of such technology raises important questions about the training data and the compensation of original artists.
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