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CoreWeave’s Brannin McBee on the future of AI infrastructure, GPU economics, & data centers | E1925

E1925 • Apr 3, 2024 • 56 mins

Brannin McBee joins Jason to discuss CoreWeave’s transition from cryptocurrency to AI, the energy dynamics of GPUs, innovations in data center cooling, and the future challenges and impacts of AI infrastructure on industries like search, advertising, and e-commerce.

Key Points

  • The rapid adoption of AI software is driving unprecedented demand for cloud infrastructure, leading to the construction of 28 new data centers across North America by CoreWeave to meet the needs of large-scale, parallelizable workloads.
  • CoreWeave's focus on providing specialized, non-blocking InfiniBand fabric for AI workloads has positioned them as a leader in hosting some of the world's largest supercomputers, with demand already outpacing their aggressive expansion.
  • Generative AI is poised to revolutionize industries like advertising by creating highly personalized, always-on ads tailored to individual user data, which will significantly increase the demand for GPU cloud infrastructure.
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