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Logan Allin and Neil Datta on startups AI puts at risk, tech regulation, and H-1B reform | E1975

E1975 • Jul 3, 2024 • 65 mins

David Weisburd hosts Logan Allin, Neil Datta, and Jason Calacanis to discuss Vinod Khosla’s views on AI, Trumps H-1B policy, incorporation to funding stage, and more!

Key Points

  • Regulation and taxation in the EU and UK are creating significant challenges for venture capital and startups, potentially driving talent and investment to more favorable jurisdictions.
  • The integration of AI into various sectors, especially through vertical applications and orchestration middleware, is seen as a critical area for innovation and investment.
  • Immigration policy, particularly around H1B visas and green cards, is crucial for retaining talent and fostering entrepreneurship in the United States, with the potential for significant economic benefits if reformed effectively.
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