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Building a consumer app’s MVP and how to fundraise with Zest’s Jake Gutstein | E1889

E1889 • Feb 2, 2024 • 56 mins

In this episode, Jason Calacanis chats with Jake Gutstein, founder of Zest, about his journey through the launch accelerator, refining the app, and his fundraising experiences. They also discuss the vision behind Zest, and insights on startup investing.

Key Points

  • Fundraising for startups is a unique experience for each founder, with no guaranteed formula for success, and often requires meeting with a large number of investors to secure funding.
  • Zest, the cooking app startup featured in this episode, aims to gamify the learning process for cooking skills, similar to Duolingo, with the goal of becoming the go-to platform for all cooking-related needs and knowledge.
  • Building a startup requires focusing on creating a product that delights customers, understanding the team's vision, and being able to articulate and de-risk concerns to investors during the fundraising process.
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