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PrayingForExits on the rush into defense tech, “innovator’s sprint,” & global VC markets | E1847

E1847 • Nov 14, 2023 • 45 mins

The man behind the anonymous accounts “prayingforexits” on Instagram and “@mrexits” on X joins Jason for a jam-packed episode! Topics covered: Praying For Exits raised a fund! (2:10) Drawing inspiration from Steve Jobs' iconic Think Different Campaign (8:55), defense tech going from “frowned upon” to a very hot market (17:03), and how the modern Middle East will play ball with the USA? (33:29)!

Key Points

  • The global shift towards nationalism combined with the recognition of the fragility of global systems are influencing VC investment strategies, with a growing focus on sectors like defense, space, and onshoring manufacturing.
  • VCs are currently favoring subject matter experts and second-time founders for their experience and efficiency, leading to potentially higher investment returns in the current economic cycle.
  • The Modern Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE, is rapidly modernizing and positioning itself as a major player in the VC space by offering incentives to attract founders, like Dubai's "Golden Visa."
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