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This Week in Startups
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Jason Calacanis

Startup pitch competition! Jason invests $25K into one of three founders | E1942

E1942 • May 1, 2024 • 60 mins

Jason and Presh kick off the Founder University pitch competition, then we hear from Peter on Props AI, Alan on 2ndHandGeek, and Alex on Zweelie. Finally, Jason awards a $25K investment, and details how to apply!

Key Points

  • Seed stage investors should focus on finding great founders with a strong team, product traction, and a clear understanding of their customer base.
  • For marketplaces, having a good balance of supply and demand is crucial, with an emphasis on building up supply to attract buyers.
  • Founders should set ambitious goals, experiment with different tactics, and be willing to pivot their strategies while staying true to their overarching mission.
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