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Jason Calacanis

Startup pitch competition! Jason invests $25K into one of three founders | E1932

E1932 • Apr 17, 2024 • 54 mins

Jason and Presh kick off the Founder University pitch competition, then we hear from Jared on Umbrella Sports (6:40), Linda on Mastertech (14:47), and Aleksandr on Ellis (24:20). Finally, Jason awards a $25K investment, and details how to apply to Founder university!

Key Points

  • Investors perceive the inability to build a product or find co-founders as failing the first tests of entrepreneurship.
  • MasterTech AI aims to make auto repair faster and safer by aggregating technical service bulletins and vehicle history for technicians and DIYers.
  • Ellis is a unified B2B email marketing platform that simplifies the process of reaching out to leads with personalized, AI-generated emails that avoid spam filters.
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