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Redpoint Ventures and Stepstone Group on VC Deployment, M&A, and Google's AI Strategy | E1934

E1934 • Apr 19, 2024 • 72 mins

David Weisburd hosts Logan Bartlett, Hunter Somerville, and Jason Calacanis to discuss the fundraising market, M&A, Google’s huge investment in generative AI, and much more!

Key Points

  • Tiger Global's smaller latest fund and the overall venture capital trend reflect a market shift towards more scrutiny, with LPs favoring established firms and showing less interest in late-stage investments.
  • The AI industry is rapidly advancing with significant capital investment, but the true value and long-term winners are uncertain, with potential parallels to the internet bubble where only a few companies created substantial equity value.
  • M&A activity is crucial for startup liquidity, but current regulatory scrutiny is freezing the market, potentially leading to a liquidity crunch and inhibiting the natural progression and exit opportunities for startups.
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