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LIQUIDITY: Major challenger to OpenAI, xAI, closing on $6B in funding | E1944

E1944 • May 6, 2024 • 66 mins

In this episode, Jason Calacanis discusses with Donald Stalter, Joshua Berkowitz, and David Weisburd about xAI's $6B funding led by Sequoia and the impact of 2021's venture capital surge. They also delve into PitchBook's report on Emerging Managers, the Silicon Valley Bank's venture portfolio, and share their last three investments.

Key Points

  • Jason Calacanis shares his enthusiasm for the New York Knicks and discusses attending the games, highlighting the team's performance and his personal experiences as a fan.
  • Emerging managers in venture capital are outperforming established managers, with LPs like Joshua Berkowitz actively investing in them to capitalize on their potential for higher returns.
  • The sale of SVB Capital to Brookfield and Sequoia Heritage is nearing completion, raising questions about the future of the platform and its impact on the venture ecosystem.
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