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AI investments, VC ecosystem geography, and VC hypocrisy | E1956

E1956 • May 27, 2024 • 68 mins

David Weisburd hosts Jaime Matus, Michael Eisenberg, and Jason Calacanis to discuss AI investments and the potential washout of overfunded startups. They also touch on VC hypocrisy, and the role of geography in the VC ecosystem.

Key Points

  • The Bay Area continues to lead in venture funding, but other regions like New York, Boston, LA, San Diego, and Austin collectively match its investment dollars, indicating a geographical diversification trend in the VC ecosystem.
  • Founders no longer feel the need to be based in the Bay Area to attract VC investment, creating opportunities for second-time founders to benefit from lower costs and talent concentration in emerging tech hubs.
  • Despite the promises of a flat structure post-COVID, the VC ecosystem still shows a strong preference for established tech centers, with remote work not fully replacing the benefits of in-person interactions and office dynamics for startup growth and innovation.
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