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Dave Mcclure & Jordan Stein on YC, "Spray and Pray", and Games VCs Play | E1923

E1923 • Mar 29, 2024 • 91 mins

David Weisburd hosts Dave McClure, Jordan Stein, and Jason Calacanis to discuss the evolution of fund spaces. The discuss investing in the YC ecosystem, the role of secondary funds today, and the importance of betting on outliers.

Key Points

  • The last investment made out of fund 1 was in 776, Alexis Ohanian's fund, which is part of a broader portfolio that includes other successful ventures like Initialized Capital and Reddit.
  • Secondary markets are becoming increasingly important for liquidity, especially for smaller LPs and emerging managers who haven't had significant exits in the last couple of years.
  • There's a notable trend of automation and robotics improving the productivity of physical manufacturing, paralleling the impact AI is having on software companies.
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